How to Add Colour Using White Craft Ink

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Add Colour Using White Craft Ink
Butterfly Brilliance white craft ink card

Did you know you can use Stampin’ Up! White Craft Ink to add colour to your outline stamps? This has to be one of my favourite ways to colour in outline stamps. There is no need to ponder over what colours to use or how to shade the image perfectly.

White Craft ink is an ink that is designed to stay wet when first applied to card. Thus it is used for heat embossing mostly. However it is a fabulous medium to use for colouring in images. To do this technique you will need a blender pen. This is a clear liquid marker pen created for blending colour or picking up coloured ink or markers and applying the colour to card. The Stampin’ Up! Blender pens come in a pack of three and are double ended. This is useful as you can then designate a colour to each pen tip.

To test if the pen is still wet, run a line of pen on the back of your hand. If you see wetness the blender pen is still fully functional.

Add Colour Using White Craft Ink
Dainty Delight white craft ink card

To commence colouring in your chosen image, squeeze some craft white ink onto the lid of the white craft ink pad or using a white craft ink refill add a small dollop to the inside lid of the inkpad or onto a craft block. Dip the very tip of your blender pen into the white craft ink and start applying to the area you wish to colour. Start off light and add more ink if a deeper depth of white is required. Blend the colour over that segment only. Avoid adding ink over any stamped lines. You want these to remain visible as this is how the shading works.

See how the internal inked lines have not been blended over with white craft ink on the card below.

Add Colour Using White Craft Ink
Decorative Borders white craft ink card

A very effective way to colour your stamped images and so easy to do! Check out your stamp collection and see which ones will be suited to this technique. Also experiment with different cardstock colours. The white craft ink looks very different depending on the colour card you select.

See another card I made using this technique by clicking here.

Enjoy trying out this fun technique and see what you can create!

Happy Stamping!

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