Stampin’Up! Blocks Card Class

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Here are some more idea samples from my Stampin’Up! Blocks card class that is on this week. I still have a few spare places if you are interested in coming along.

You can choose to make a masculine version.

Or a birthday version.

Or a childrens version!

Classes are held in Mt Waverley. Class fee is $20 which will include instructions and all materials.

Dates available – Saturday June 28th 1.30pm
                           Thursday July 3rd 7.30pm

Email me if you would like to come along for a fun class of card making!


2 thoughts on “Stampin’Up! Blocks Card Class”

  1. Hi, My name is Kathy and I saw your block card, OMG! I love it. I'm in Ca. Where did you get the info on how to make the card? I would sooo love to make one. I LOVE, LOVE the kids version. Any info would be Great. Thanks, Kathy

  2. Hi Kathy, I taught this card in my classes. Here are my instructions. Play around doing paper versions to ensure you have it all correct before trying with card. This is how we do cards in my classes as then everyone has a template to refer to. Have fun!

    Card – 4 1/2 x 12 inches – Main card
    4 1/2 x 1 inch – Hinge
    Patterned papers, coloured card for embellishing
    1. Score hinge on 1” side at halfway, fold and set aside.
    2. Take main card piece, score along 12” side every 11/2 “. So at 11/2, 3, 41/2, 6, 71/2, 9, 101/2 inches.
    3. Rotate card to 41/2” side and score at 11/2 and 3”.
    4. With scissors cut in at 3” score down to first scoreline, then cut at right angles back along this scoreline to 11/2 scoreline to create a tab.
    5. At 41/2” scoreline cut down 2 full squares to second scoreline. Cut back along 11/2” to completely remove top square. At lower scoreline cut back to 3” scoreline.
    6. At 6” scoreline cut down 2 full squares. Cut back along lower scoreline to remove 2 full squares.
    7. At 71/2” scoreline cut down to first scoreline. Cut back along scoreline and remove square. Cut along lower scoreline from 6” score to 71/2” scoreline to create a flap. Then from 71/2 “ score cut along scoreline to 9” scoreline to create a tab.
    8. Fold card (mountain fold) at 101/2” scoreline and crease well with bone folder.
    9. Fold tabs created at 71/2 & 9 “ scores inwards. Mountain fold 6” & 41/2 “ scores. See card frame taking shape. Fold two remaining tabs inwards.
    10. Assemble card by applying adhesive to the outer surface of the 2 tabs on left side and adhere to back of tabs on right side.
    11. Lay card flat with tiered piece to left. Apply a thin line of adhesive along inner right 41/2” edge. Take hinge card piece and hold with folded score line to right, attach lower half of hinge so as fold sits neat along card edge.
    12. Apply adhesive to top edge of hinge, refold 101/2 “ score, adhere hinge to inside of tiered card. Stand card up so as it sits on solid base.
    Your card is ready for decorating. Card will flatten for posting.
    Base neutral card – 41/4 x 11/4 inches

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