Saying Goodbye

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I have missed a week of posting because I was preoccupied with our beautiful 10 year old Golden Retriever, Zoe being sick with kidney failure. We have known for some months she was in failure however she continued on as if nothing was overly wrong. That is until a couple of weeks ago when it became a day by day proposition. Do we go to the vet today to make the decision or not?

Zoe kept on being a happy, love you always dog right until the end. It broke our hearts to finally have to say enough is enough and lets remember you as you are now and not too weak to lift your head or wag your tail.

It’s a week today since we said goodbye. The pain and the tears are slowly ebbing. I can just see the computer through my tears as I type this post.

We have had lovely messages from my newsletter readers, my customers, my team and our friends. They are all greatly appreciated.

Love you Zoe forever and ever.

Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

Your loving fur Mum. xxxx

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