One Sheet Wonder Class – Summer Silhouettes

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This post is mainly for my class ladies for them to refer to for their One Sheet Wonder cards. However feel free to CASE them for your own use.

We had a very busy class last night stamping our one sheet wonder page and then creating 9 cards, that’s right 9 cards! Well done ladies for a terrific effort!

The class technique sheet gave everyone the measurements, the photos are for future reference to layouts. I love these card sketches and you could use them to create a single card any time using a small decorated card piece to match the layout.

So here we go!

 Card One

Card Two

Card Three

Card Four

Card Five

Card Six

Card Seven

Card 8
Card Nine
There you it!
I am teaching this class again tomorrow May 31 and Thursday June  5 if you are interested in attending.
I’d like to thank Patsy Waggoner for her inspiration for this class. I have tweaked the cards to suit our Australian card sizes.
Have a great day!

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