Mystery Card Using Best Day Stamps

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Mystery card using Best Day stamps
Mystery cards using Best Day stamps

Last weekend I held a team day at my home and one of the challenges was to create a Mystery card using the card pieces, stamps, ribbons, inks, embellishments and pens in the accompanying tub. The Mystery card was to be created using the Best Day stamp set.

There were two different packs of card pieces to choose from, one had a base of Coastal Cabana, the other a Granny Apple Green card base. The card pieces could be used in any way that helped you create the card you had in mind. As you can see from the cards above we had ten different interpretations of the card. That is the joy of card making we all see things differently.

Mystery card using Best Day stamps
Mystery card using Best Day stamps

The card above was my version. I am a straight forward stamper so my card was a pretty basic design using what card pieces were available. Have a look at some of the cards created by my team members and look at the effort put into them with layers and fussy cutting.

The Best Day set was an excellent choice for this challenge as it had two images that could be coloured in and a selection of great sayings to suit the images. It also meant if you loved to colour you could, if it wasn’t your favourite thing to do you could go monochrome.

This was great challenge and was a lot of fun. Something I will do again at a team day in the future. This wasn’t the only activity on the day. We were also doing a shoe box challenge. So we had another eight cards to create apart from the Mystery card challenge.

I’ll share these cards in my next blog post, so be on the lookout for it.

Happy Stamping!

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