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Well what a difference a storm in Melbourne makes! The previous post showed our stand at Paperific before the heavens in Melbourne opened on Saturday afternoon. 40mm of rain and hail in 10 mins is not kind to roof structures and ceilings. The hail storm appeared inside along with the storm. My team were evacuated along with everyone else in the building. The area was deemed unsafe and so the show had to be cancelled for today. It was a very sad time for everyone going in and packing up this morning.
Fortunately our stand and displays escaped major water damage – bit damp from humidity but they will be okay. That can’t be said for the demos who were there yesterday and their cars. Universal hail damage for everyone. Golf ball size plus hail stones and cars do not mix well.
Thankfully everyone in the team is safe and okay. For everyone in Melbourne who experienced the storm it was an experience not to be forgotten in a hurry. I certainly have never seen anything like it! The same goes for my car too………….
Thankyou Juliana and Simone for the photos.

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