Day 3 Continued

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For the afternoon Nick and I had ordered a picnic hamper from the hotel restaurant and we drove off down along the Sunshine Coast to find a nice spot for for lunch. Beautiful sunny day but unfortunately, like back in Melbourne, it was too windy to sit on the beach. So we found a park by the beach in Coolum and set up there to indulge in our prawns, smoked salmon, meats and salads. I remembered too late to take a photo and I’m sure you don’t want to see the aftermath pic!!!!
Feeling too stuffed to eat the cheeses, fruits, cookies and mudcake, we drove off down the coast with various stops along the way to check out the beaches and views. We drove the full length of the Sunshine Coast and had afternoon munchies by Shelley Beach at Caloundra.
It was a lovely outing and a great way to get an idea of what the Sunshine Coast has to offer.

On return I spent some time in the SU Hospitality area chatting with Shelli, Aaron and other demos. My spin on the wheel today yielded me a pack of Designer buttons! After indulging in some of the chocolates that Angie and Janiel had brought over from the States it was time to go and check out all my swaps from the morning.

Aren’t they amazing? I was so secretly pleased my swap stood up to the standard of these lovely swaps!!!!!!!! My lucky downline will get a better look at them at our next get together – you really have to see them up close to appreciate the work put into them.
Holiday mode was kicking in and feeling very tired, having eaten way too much over the last couple of days and lazy we ordered room service for dinner! A knock on the door revealed another gift for me from Stampin’Up!

The wooden salad bowl will be so useful and the accessories match the apron from our cooking session. The hand cream smells divine – it’s from Victoria’s Secret! Another one of those dishy Ikea tea towels – we’d all said at m&t how much we liked them and here was another one!
The splash of green is washing up liquid!!!! It added a really bright note to the whole box and yes another cute tag! I am starting to wonder how I am going to get everything home and maybe I should have left a few pairs of shoes at home!!!!!!

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